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The woman God wants you to become will cost you some things—cost you some relationships—cost you some choices—but becoming beautifully her is worth it.


The beauty of core values is that they serve as a filter to help you make choices about what’s important and meaningful to you.


Everyone has core values whether they are aware of them or not. Most of us, however, do not know what our core values are or haven’t revisited them to see if we are living our lives authentically.

Living your core values comes at a cost because they help you show up in a way that matches who you are. The price tag for not living our values is more costly than we realize.


It’s time to invite her to clear space with the Beautiful Becomes Her Signature Life Coaching Program.

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Do you know your core values? Have you revisited your values to see if your actions are aligned?  People who are aligned with their values have healthier relationships, experience more happiness, and have meaningful lives.  

In this session, you will identify, prioritize, and define your core values.  Becoming aware and more knowledgeable of your core values is the first step toward knowing who you are and using them in your daily life.

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When you choose her, you show up in a way that matches who you are. You will know who you are when your life is defined by the values you are unwilling to compromise.

In this session, you will explore how your core values act as a filter for your decisions. You will learn the challenges you might face to live in alignment with your values.

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With a clearer understanding of who you are, you can create the life you want and what it looks like to become her.

In this session, you will break down your top core values into specific values and set goals to create the incredibly beautiful life you want to live. 

There are people who, when you leave their presence, leave you hungry for God.  It is this way for me with Debbie Milton, who I affectionately call “the Kingdom’s hidden gem.”   Most recently, I did spiritual life coaching with Debbie and was grateful for the spiritual pulse check to make sure I was keeping God first in every area of my life. She exudes love, honesty, and compassion as a coach.  And because of her, I want Him more. - Shauné Hayes, Red Carpet Ready Makeup

A Beautiful Space to Invite Who You Are Becoming…

What to Expect in the Signature Life Coaching Program—Beautiful Becomes Her:


Complimentary Consultation

1:1 Life Coaching

Three 60-Minute Sessions

Structured Program

Tools and Exercises

Pre-Work and Homework

Email Support

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