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A virtual book club gathering for friends to grow together in Christ.

A safe place where beautiful happens.


Do you miss gathering with friends? Want to connect with them in a meaningful way and become the best version of yourself?  Ready to discover life-giving friendships that inspire you to live out your God-given potential?


Beautiful Gathering Book Club is for you.  Grab your cup of hot tea or strawberry lemonade and cozy up in your favorite chair in a gathering where you can have fun and community—be honest, transparent, and most importantly real.


Quick Overview to Get Started with Book Club:


Step 1:  Invite 6 to 8 friends to join a group to read together the book club pick.

Step 2:  Designate a group member to complete the Book Club Starter Form.

Step 3:  Once your group is confirmed, make an investment in you.

Step 4:  Review the Welcome Guide (which includes reading assignment schedule).

Step 5:  Get ready for life-changing conversations and beautiful to happen.

(Don’t have a group?  Girl—we got you!  Let us know you are interested on the Book Club Starter Form).

About Beautiful Gathering Book Club


Beautiful Gathering Book Club is not your average book club.  We read books that will change our lives—shape who we become—on our journey of pursuing Jesus to become like Him. 


Our sessions meet on the Zoom private meeting platform on various days and times throughout the week.  Typically, we meet biweekly in the evenings or late afternoon on the weekend for 60 to 90 minutes.  Meetings are kept intimate with 6 to 8 members so our conversation can be engaging.  (Group bookings are limited and sell out quickly—don’t delay).

What’s In It For You


  • Spiritual Growth—grow in Christlikeness.

  • Community—fun and safe place to engage with friends.

  • Access—to Debbie as leader / certified Christian life coach / teacher.

"The online Bible Studies and Book Discussions have been awesome and have helped me to increase my study time, to have a closer and deeper relationship with the Lord and has grown my sisterhood circle.  Please sign-up for a session today. I promise you will be glad you did!" - Yolanda


Book Club Fine China is for Single Women

Beginning January 2021

Fine China is for Single Women Too by Lydia Brownback

Why is it that only women on the brink of marriage get showered with household appliances, fine china, and beautiful crystal?  They shouldn't!  In fact, such thinking applies to much more than dishware. That is because life doesn't begin when you get married. This book emphasizes living contentedly and fully in what God ordains in each season of life, specifically when his ordering is singleness.


Investment:  $85.00 per person for 7 meetings (book included).

Book Club Rediscover Jesus.png

Beginning April 2021

Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly

Some books find us at just the right time, and those books change our lives forever.   Rediscover Jesus is one of those books.  I don't know Jesus anywhere near as well as I would like to know him.  If there is one person that we should each get to know in a deeply personal way, it is Jesus the carpenter from Nazareth, the itinerant preacher, the Son of God, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.


Investment:  $85.00 per person for 7 meetings (book included).



Thank you for your interest in our Beautiful Gathering Book Club.  Beautiful Gathering Book Club is an ideal way to experience spiritual growth, life coaching and teaching from Debbie—certified Christian life coach—at a fraction of the cost in a group setting.

We will be in contact with you by email to confirm your group.  We can’t wait for you to experience the start of something beautiful in community.

Would your group (if not full) consider inviting potential new members?

Are you ready to make a beautiful investment in yourself?  Payment is required before the first meeting of your group.

Thanks for submitting!

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