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Pause Devotional Series: When We Undervalue Lent

Be still, and know that I am God!

Psalm 46:10

The official start of the Lenten season started a week ago on Ash Wednesday.

Every year during Lenten season, I pen a devotional and make it my practice to read a book about Lent.

Last year I wrote a devotional titled: Lent: 40-Day Journey to Become the Best Version of Yourself. The book that I read last year was—Best Lent Ever Journal by Matthew Kelly.

This year I’m reading: Pauses for Lent: 40 Words for 40 Days by Trevor Hudson.

How relevant it is for me to read a Lent book about pauses. The entire month of February, I was intentional about creating space to pause in a Selah with Christ so I can have a deeper relationship with Him. It was my desire that ministry, relationships, my entire life would receive the overflow of pausing in His presence.

Lent presents the same opportunity to each of us to have a deeper relationship with Christ. How we respond to the invitation is ultimately our choice.

The author, Trevor Hudson, writes in Pauses for Lent: 40 Words for 40 Days:

So what then is Lent all about? Unless we were brought up in the Catholic or the Anglican traditions, our knowledge of this particular season might be limited. Our ignorance has unfortunate consequences—we lose out on a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our lives, to face our addictions to consumer culture, and to become more intentional in our discipleship to Christ. Saddest of all, when we undervalue Lent, we often fail to enter as fully into the transforming possibilities of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Are you longing for a fresh Lenten experience?

How might the Lord be calling you to observe Lent this year?

Is Jesus worth pausing for?

I wholeheartedly agree with the author—Sometimes a pause is good for the soul. It gives us the chance to regroup, reflect, and refocus on God.

Prayer: God, help me to not undervalue Lent as an empty tradition or simply an observance highlighted on the calendar. Finding stillness to know you in a world of noise and distractions is not easy. With your help, forty days can transform my life as I seek you in the pause this Lenten season.

When We Undervalue Lent Journal
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