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Throughout the Bible, Jesus extends a number of invitations to what our hearts are longing for. Each time we say yes to Jesus, we find becoming more beautiful is waiting on the other side of His invitations to become more like Him.

As a certified biblical life coach, I am passionate about Jesus and helping women embrace the journey of becoming more like Him.  Inviting women into conversations that set the stage for their becoming is what makes me come alive.


Here’s the thing—we all are not yet done becoming.  There is more beautiful waiting for each of us when we say yes to Jesus.

Ready to get your becoming more beautiful started?


I would love to work with you by offering an individual (1-on-1) coaching package or a group coaching package to support you in your becoming.


Please click the button you prefer to access my interest form for life coaching or group coaching.  Once submitted, the next step would be to complete the Clarity Call Form and book your free complimentary Clarity Call.

Book a free 30-minute Clarity Call to learn more.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

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