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It would absolutely be a privilege to have the opportunity to speak at your event. Please complete the Speaker Request Form, and let’s impact the lives of others to make a beautiful difference for the Kingdom of God.

Any of my speaking topics can be presented as a bible study, workshop, conference or keynote address as a single message or a series of messages.  Specific messages can be prepared as well to go along with the theme for your event. 


I look forward to talking with you soon.



Godliness is the New Beautiful

How do we live godly in a world that is increasingly moving further and further from God and godliness. We have been given everything that pertains to life and godliness. Learn how to live a life of godliness and adorn the beautiful that is pleasing to God.

Single Women

Beautiful Singleness

Singleness can cause you to doubt God’s love, because He has not given you your heart’s desire. Learn God’s love for you, and find the beauty in your singleness, your value, and the value you are to the Kingdom of God.

Get Your Pearls Back

What do you do when your heart has been trampled by someone who doesn’t recognize your value?  We are admonished in God’s Word to not throw our pearls at those who don't appreciate our value. It’s time to Get Your Pearls Back!

Fine China Women

Are you waiting to become a bride before you buy fine china? Stop eating off of paper plates. Girl, buy you some fine china! Discover how to be fine china women offering Jesus your singleness and learning the beauty of being set apart for God.

Married Women

Beautiful Marriage

Marriage can be challenging and sometimes not as beautiful as you expected.  Could it be that the pursuit of Christ and how you respond to challenges determine what makes your marriage beautiful and what makes you beautiful in the process?  Learn how to find a renewed passion to keep going when everything in you wants to walk away.

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