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for Beautiful Godliness

Beautiful Godliness

Redefining Beautiful

How much time do you give to your outward appearance as opposed to the beauty that is unfading?  Learn in this session how to redefine and focus on the beauty that matters to God. 


The most beautiful adorning for a women is godliness.  Learn in this powerful event how to pursue and train yourself for godliness.

Pearl Girl

Jesus is the treasure and the pearl of a great price.   In this life changing event, discover the treasure in Jesus and forsake worldly treasures and worthless pursuits.

A Woman of Discretion

A beautiful woman who lacks discretion is not attractive to God.  Learn how discretion will make you truly beautiful.

Godliness with Contentment

There is so much to gain when we hunger for more of God and are content with our lives.  Learn in this powerful event how a godly and contented life is possible and profitable.

Bride Ready

Jesus is returning for his Bride, the Church.  Will you be ready?  Learn in this life transforming event the love God has for us and the urgency of being ready when Jesus returns.


God Don’t Like Ugly

It is never pretty when ugly rears its head.  Learn how to reflect the fruit of the Spirit in your life.

Beautiful Feet

The Bible tells us that those who share the Gospel have beautiful feet.   In this powerful session, learn how to share the Gospel not only with your words, but with your actions.  

Single Women

Single Women

Singleness can cause you doubt God’s love, because He has not given you your heart’s desire.  Learn God’s love for you, and find the beauty in your singleness, your value, and the value you are to the Kingdom of God.

Get Your Pearls Back

What do you do when your heart has been trampled by someone who doesn’t recognize your value?  We are admonished in God’s Word to not throw our pearls at those who don't appreciate our value.  It’s time to Get Your Pearls Back!

Fine China Women

Are you waiting to become a bride before you buy fine china?  Stop eating off of paper plates girl, buy you some fine china.  Discover how to be fine china women offering Jesus your singleness, learning the beauty of being set apart for God.

Wide Awake

What do you do when love is awaken and you are not married?  In this real and honest session, learn how to awaken love in ways that honor God.

If Only I Had

Do you believe more possessions, a better job, or Mr. or Mrs. Right will chase away your discontentment?  Learn in this session, how to be content when you long for what is not yours or yours yet.

Grown Folk Dating

Our dating should be different from the world as we grow and mature in the Lord.  Learn in this engaging session, how to “put away childish things” and understand the maturity needed for dating and marriage.

High School Girls/Young Girls

Fine China Girl:  For Mothers and Daughters

Like fine china, we are special and designed to be set apart for God’s purposes.  This event offers a wonderful opportunity for mothers and daughters to deepen their relationship with Christ and to grow closer together.


Raising a Godly Daughter

Raising your daughter to be godly is not an option in the ungodly world we live in.  Discover the importance of teaching and guiding your daughter to love God and make godly decisions.

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But know that the LORD has set apart for Himself him who is godly; The LORD will hear when I call to Him.

(Psalm 4:3)

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