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Celebrate You! Confetti Series Gathering

Calling All the Single Ladies!

An Encouraging Online Gathering

Celebrate You! Confetti Series!


Oct. 1, Nov. 1, Dec. 1, 2020 and Jan. 1, 2021

8:00 PM EST

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Have you ever been celebrated for your singleness and what your life has to offer?  Or do you feel as if you or others view your singleness as merely a waiting period to be celebrated when you are engaged or get married?

Every celebration needs confetti! Your life in Jesus is event worthy of being celebrated. It’s safe to say during these challenging times, we could all use a time of celebration and community to feel encouraged and appreciated.

On the first day of the months of October 2020 through January 2021, join us online via Zoom for this free virtual gathering.  This is a great opportunity to grow spiritually with other single women and know that our singleness is not restricted because of our relationship status.

Let’s get this party started!  Grab your confetti and let’s celebrate.  Let all your single girlfriends know there is a party right here on the first day of each scheduled month with prizes, giveaways, and life-changing teaching.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Topics of Discussion


Thursday, Oct. 1 – A Beautiful Thing

God sees you living with purpose and intention.  He sees you bringing His light to others.  He sees your love for him even when you don’t think you are good enough.  Jesus can look at you and see your true beauty and potential.  That’s reason enough to celebrate. 

Sunday, Nov. 1 – Worth More

In a culture that idolizes marriage and the idea that a ring makes us worthy, your faithfulness to say “yes” to Jesus and “no” to unworthy relationships is not going unnoticed by God.  You are worth more because of Jesus and not your relationship status.  Marriage is beautiful, but so is singleness. Celebrate what God is doing with your singleness knowing that your walk with Jesus is worth more than your walk down the aisle.


Tuesday, Dec. 1 – Happily Ever Now

Are you wondering where is your happily ever after?  Longing to have a Mr. Happily Ever After?  Realized that trying to make your own happily ever after is not working for you? Happily ever after is not dependent on your relationship status. You can be coupled up or married and still wonder where is or what happened to your happily ever after.  Learn practical steps to find and celebrate your happily ever now and discover where true happiness comes from—your relationship with the Lord.

Friday, Jan. 1 – New Year/New You

Having faith over fear in the most challenging times we’ve ever faced is something to celebrate.  As we turn the calendar to January 1, you might be wondering if you will celebrate your heart’s desires in the new year.  The beginning of the new year is an ideal time to become—A New You—and let your relationship with the Lord and your delight in Him shape your desires.  What a beautiful way to start off the new year.

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