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There is something exciting about the first day of a new month. It’s an opportunity to look at our lives through a new lens. The other day while reading an article with fine print, it became noticeably clear that I needed to look at it through the lens of my glasses.

Who is Jesus inviting you to become? It was a question I asked women who attended one of my sessions this past week. It was an aha moment that I even didn’t expect. I wasn’t expecting this new self-awareness journey. I wasn’t expecting a become-focused lens from Jesus.

As women, we long for deep, lasting change—necessary change—not always easy, but beautiful.


Somewhere along the way, like the woman at the well, we have become comfortable with our lives—physically, emotionally, but most of all spiritually. Why? Because comfortable is familiar; no change required.

To experience change and to be who Jesus is inviting you to become, you can start today. The way you live your life today determines the person you become tomorrow.

If you are ready to embrace a become-focused life—this 7 week journey for the next 7 Saturdays—is for women longing for a fresh start. With each week, we will encounter Jesus through the lens of the woman at the well in the fourth chapter of John.

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Week One

Expect the Unexpected

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Week Two

If You Knew

Week 3 image.png

Week Three

At the Well With No Bucket

Week 4 image.png

Week Four

Unmasking Your Motives

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Week Five

Come-to-Jesus Meeting

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Week Six

Jesus Wants to Reveal Himself to You

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Week Seven

Come, See Jesus

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